Understanding "Mindset" for your Transition

Learn how to "demilitrize" your mind and understand what it takes to work in a civilian company as a Team Member. 

This seminar is focused on the transition process for you.  We explain what you need to expect, how to prepare yourself for the reality of releasing, what training options are available, make sure you sign up for any and all benefits available, and we ensure you are contacted periodically to maintain may have

Your transition does not start when you're told you will be released or when you ask for it, it starts the day you join the Military.  Understand how to pursue your identified and established Goals and Objectives.  How to continue the life long learning needed to ensure you are current with what is needed to work in the civilian world.  And who to build relationships with other professionals in your field of choice. 

Veterans Career and Transition Services Inc.  (VeCATS)

This seminar is focused on explaining Corporate Canada, their objectives and goals, which drives their operations, typical departments within companies, and how you will be looked upon to contribute to their success. Understand the levels of management within the organization, where you fit in and expectations from executive management.

Understanding Corporate Canada

This seminar is focused on explaining the typical HR process within companies seeking new employees.  Understand your offer of employment.  Services available to you.  What you should be asking for during your employment.  Working in teams, how to be a team player and / or team leader.

This seminar is focused on helping you understand how to think about your transition, how you must prepare your mind for Corporate Canada, and how you should be thinking to be successful

The IT Organization for Non-IT Staff

How to Create and Update a LinkedIn Profile

Understanding your End-to-End Transition

How to Walk, Talk and Act like a Civie

This seminar is focused on explaining the typical IT organization for small, medium and large corporations.  Many companies which are Service Providers, have a specific way of aligning their service offerings to what customers required to run their business and servcie their clients.

Understanding the HR Process

This seminar is focused on helping you create a LinkedIn profile, how to ensure you put your military skills into civilian terms, how to ensure you have the same information as other professionals on LinkedIn, Groups and their benefits, should I pay for advanced LinkedIn Services, and Searching their Job Board