4 Steps to a Successful Transition

VeCATS has established a new consulting wing, which is managed and staffed by Veterans only.  Our team provides consulting in Project Management, ITSM Service Delivery, ECM Program design and management, Risk Management, Project Auditing, Business Continuity Management, and several other services expected in today's corporate marketplace.

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Veterans Career and Transition Services Inc.  (VeCATS)

Our 4 Step Program

VeCATS has developed 4 steps for Soldiers and Veterans, which will prepare them for Civilian Life.

  • Step 1 - Soft-Skills
  • Step 2 - Hard Skills (Training)
  • Step 3 - Job Experience
  • Step 4 - Job Placement

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Strategic Partnerships

VeCATS Consulting Group

To be successful, VeCATS has partnered with several types of partners.  Corporate Canada to provide the Job Experience programs, Governments to ensure financial success of each program and Training Institutions to supplement our current training offerings.  These are the critical ingredients for your successful transition.

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