Assisting Homeless Veterans

Our programs are adaptable to helping the homeless Vets.  Once our Vets have completed their initial programs, we will initiate a regional program as required to provide all 4 Steps to ensure our soldier buddies are ready to resume their life in society. 


VeCATS Seminars Series

VeCATS provides seminars which are designed to ensure you understand Corporate Canada, Working in Civilian Companies, How to demilitarize your mind to adapt to the different approachs within Corporate Canada, The Typical IT Organization, The HR Process you will Experience, and other informational sessions to prepare you for civilian life. 


Training is critical to your success within Corporate Canada

VeCATS provides over 15 training streams to ensure you have skills needed today in Corporate Canada. Many of the courses are designed to provide the necessary information for certification, which is recognized and required for job applications.


Veterans Career and Transition Services Inc.  (VeCATS)

4 Steps to your Transition

VeCATS has designed 4 Steps to ensure you have the right Training and Skills, and Job Experience required to succeed in your transition. 

  • Step 1 Soft-Skills
  • Step 2 Hard-Skills (Training)
  • Step 3 Job Experience
  • Step 4 Job Placement