Step 4 - Job Placement

This is the final phase in your transition.  If you did not remain with the company you did your job experience with, then we have an opportunity to place you in positions across Canada with our strategic partnership with Drake International.  Drake has offices globally, which are open for business.  Their member companies are looking for qualified candidates to fill their open positions.  Your experience and their desire to help Soldiers and Veterans, makes it ideal for you to become gainfully employed.  Additionally, our partnership has a consulting wing, making job placement easier in a town using the consulting world to augment their staff.

Either way, your training and job experience will provide you a comprehensive transition into civilian life.  Many organizations help you with Soft-Skills only, VeCATS is dedicated to making sure you fill the current skills gap Corporate Canada needs, specific skills training and job experience are the critical skills you will have to be competitive for any full time position.....

Step 2 - Hard-Skills (Training)

One of the key items missing from most transition programs is having the right skills Corporate Canada is looking for.  

VeCATS and their partners have industry certified training to ensure you can find many of the open jobs available in Canada.

VeCATS completed Market Research (such as above) to make sure our training is consistent with industry needs.

Step 3 - Job Experience

During this stage, it is critical to gain the experience you will require to apply for jobs on "Civie" Street.  Our partnered companies are willing to guide and mentor you through a six month job experience program;

which you will be able to apply the skills you learned during your training  Understand how the company works and their culture
recondition your brain to "be a civie"

apply your skills of being Task Oriented, Dedicated, Resourceful to assist the company and their quest to be number one in the marketplace our of the military, if you have not already one so

Step 1 - Soft-Skills

To ensure you're prepared for applying to positions in Corporate Canada, you will need to understand the formats required for resumes. 

Interviewing is another key item you will need to understand, our services assist in preparing for the interview and what you can expect.

Dress and Deportment will ensue "First Impressions" are lasting ones.

Want to contact us about participating in our program, all Soldiers, RCMP, and recent Veterans (release within last 10 years or on a case-by-case basis) can fill our the form below and we will contact you.....